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Weeden Appraisal Company Specializes in South County and Ocean Front properties.

Weeden Appraisal, a respected and experienced firm incorporated since 1984, specializes in Southern R.I. properties, particularly those located along Rhode Island's extensive coastline, estuaries, ponds and harbors. Born locally, Susan L. Weeden has earned her successful reputation with private homeowners, lending institutions, attorneys and local real estate professionals.

Weeden Appraisal has a reputation of providing accurate and defensible property appraisals that facilitate an expedient approval, including new construction projects and home renovation loans. Susan's knowledge of the diversity of coastal properties in southern Rhode Island is an essential component of a successful appraisal. Weeden Appraisal can provide you with the expertise needed to accurately evaluate the prospective property in which you are interested, in an efficient and timely manner.

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Today's investors must navigate a challenging housing market which requires an experienced and detail-oriented property analysis. The appraisal must be correctly documented, legally defensible and delivered to the client. Accurate property appraisals that protect the prospective buyers or renovators' investment, is an essential component of every evaluation.

In a challenging and often volatile real estate market, Weeden Appraisal will research, measure and provide comparable properties and construct the documentation needed to facilitate your prospective project or purchase. Quality and experience are essential in the pricing, purchasing, or renovations of your property and Weeden Appraisal strives to provide top notch efficient service. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing any questions that will help you decide the best approach to your appraisal needs.


Residential Appraisals

  • PMI Removal
  • Estates
  • Property Tax Reduction
  • Independant Home     Valuations

    Real estate appraisals determine the Market Value of properties. The appraiser has three approaches in determining this value. Comparable sales of similar properties, the Cost Approach and the Income Approach for rental properties whether single family or multi units.

    1. The Sales Comparison Approach is the most widely used and considered the most reliable indicator of value for residential properties.
    2. The Cost Approach is utilized for a variety of reasons. It is the cost to replace the improvements, less depreciation and then the land value is added to arrive at a value.
    3. The Income Approach is utilized when looking for the value of income producing properties from single family rentals to multi-unit properties. The appraiser ascertains the rentals from these units to arrive at what an investor would pay for these properties based on the income generated from rents.

    10 Fire Lane 4, Wakefield, R.I. 02879
    Ph: 401-268-3800 | weedenappraisal@gmail.com

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